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January 22, 2018
American religious groups vary widely in their views of abortion
By David Masci
More than four decades after Roe v. Wade legalized abortion nationwide, most Americans (57%) are supportive of legal abortion, according to a 2017 Pew Research Center survey. But a substantial minority (40%) says abortion should be illegal in all or most cases, and within some U.S. denominations and religious groups, this figure is much higher.
For instance, most Jehovah’s Witnesses (75%) and Mormons (70%) say abortion should be illegal in all or most cases, according to the 2014 Religious Landscape Study, a survey of more than 35,000 Americans in all 50 states. The same holds true for members of some evangelical churches, including the Pentecostal denominations Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee) (77%) and Assemblies of God (71%), as well as America’s largest evangelical denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention (66%). Indeed, among all those who are part of the evangelical tradition, nearly twice as many say they oppose legal abortion as support it (63% to 33%).
By comparison, only 35% of those who are part of the mainline Protestant tradition say abortion should be illegal in all or most cases, with 60% in support of keeping abortion legal. Members of the Episcopal Church (79%) and the United Church of Christ (72%) are especially likely to support legal abortion, while most members of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and the mainline Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (65%) also take this position.

Unitarian Universalists (90%) and American Jews (83%) in the 2014 survey were much more supportive of legal abortion than the general population. And most people who have no religious affiliation – particularly atheists and agnostics (87% each) – also support abortion rights.
Among those who do identify with a religion, the majority view about abortion among members of a particular group often mirrors that group’s official policy on abortion. This is the case with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormon church) and the Southern Baptist Convention – both churches oppose abortion, as do most members of those churches. And the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Unitarian Universalist Association, and Reform and Conservative Judaism, for example, all support abortion rights, in line with most of their adherents.
There are, however, cases where the views of a church’s members don’t align with its teachings on abortion. For instance, while the Roman Catholic Church is an outspoken critic of abortion, U.S. Catholics were divided on the issue in the 2014 survey, with 48% supportive of legal abortion and 47% opposed.
Topics: Religion and Society, Abortion, Religious Beliefs and Practices, Social Values
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David Masci is a senior writer/editor focusing on religion at Pew Research Center.
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Nation & World Posted 8:39 PM Updated at 8:58 PM
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UNICEF finds ‘alarmingly high’ newborn mortality rate
The report found that 1 million babies die on the same day they’re born and five newborns die every minute.
Tribune News Service

Five newborn babies die every minute on Earth, an “alarmingly high” statistic as up to 80 percent of them are preventable, according to a new report from UNICEF.
That’s 1 million children who die on the same day they’re born and about 2.6 million who are stillborn around the world. The United Nations’ children’s agency found that in America, a baby’s risk of dying as a newborn is just barely lower than the risk in Sri Lanka or Ukraine.

Babies’ odds of dying as infants are typically linked to the poverty and income levels of the country where they’re born, and that number varies widely. A baby born in Pakistan is nearly 50 times more likely to die within the first month of its life than another child born in Japan, according to UNICEF.
“While we have more than halved the number of deaths among children under the age of five in the last quarter century, we have not made similar progress in ending deaths among children less than one month old,” UNICEF’s executive director Henrietta H. Fore told The Guardian.
But the relationship shown between wealth and newborn mortality does not offer an explanation for why some rich nations see so many infant deaths. Newborns in the United States and Kuwait — two high-income countries — die at a rate of four per every 1,000 births. The total number of deaths per the same number of births in Sri Lanka is five.
“Every year, 2.6 million newborns around the world do not survive their first month of life,” Fore said. “One million of them die the day they are born. We know we can save the vast majority of these babies with affordable, quality healthcare solutions for every mother and every newborn.”
The report found that in Japan, Iceland and Singapore, babies stand their best chance of survival, but children born in Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Central African Republic have some of the lowest odds across the world. Eight of the top 10 most dangerous places for a child to be born were all in sub-Saharan Africa, the report said, because the women there are far less likely to receive assistance during birth due to issues like poverty, war and weak or nonexistent governments.
In countries like the U.S., where extreme poverty and a lack of health care institutions don’t factor into infant death rates, other, preventable elements come into play. More than 80 percent of newborn fatalities are caused by complications from birth, prematurity and infections like pneumonia or sepsis. The report said that these deaths could be prevented with access to clean water and disinfectants, by breastfeeding within the first hour of life, skin to skin contact and the help of skilled midwives.


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Fox News
11:42 PM

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UFOs 1 day ago
UFO ‘evidence’: Recordings reveal air traffic control’s confusion at strange craft over Oregon
By Jamie Seidel |

Worldwide UFO sightings hit all-time high
According to data from the National UFO Reporting Center, UFO sightings around the world have reached an all-time high. Statistics show individuals in the US are more likely to witness a UFO
Unlike most UFO stories, this one appears to have substance.

On October 25, a strange craft was seen — in broad daylight — flying amid the heavy traffic of the United States’ air corridors above the state of Oregon.

Pilots radioed in reports of an aircraft flying outside registered flight plans. It was not responding to radio calls. It had no collision-avoidance transponders. But it was always just outside clear sight.
On the ground, air traffic control was also seeing strange things. Its radar was intermittently tracking an unregistered object moving at unusually high speeds.
It was cause for real concern.
After all, 9/11 showed the potential havoc aircraft flying “dark” could achieve.
So F-15 interceptor fighters from the U.S. Air Force were scrambled to take a look.
The story was first picked up by “The War Zone” blog of the automotive website The Drive. It tracked down comments from the pilots that had seen something strange that day. It also obtained confirmation — of sorts — from the U.S. air base that launched the fighters.
Now “War Zone” has obtained ─ through a freedom of information claim ─ a small mountain of documents and hours of audio recordings detailing Oregon’s air traffic controllers’ actions.
Amid the accounts of phone calls, radio exchanges and pilot interviews is an enticing picture of what a substantive UFO report looks like, and how authorities struggle to make sense of what is going on above them.
The unidentified flying object was first detected tearing through the air above Northern California by radar stations in Oakland. It was 4:30 p.m. It was unexpected. It was traveling “very fast at 37,000”.
It wasn’t supposed to be there.
At this point the recordings reveal the U.S. military was also aware of the strange aircraft. Air traffic controllers are told the Air Force was examining the radar track.
Then the unknown flying object did something potentially dangerous.
It took a sudden turn into a crowded stream of commercial airliners.
There it disappeared from radar.
But not from sight.
Startled commercial pilots began calling in reports.
Concerned and confused, for the next 30 minutes pilots and controllers tried to make sense of what was going on.
The audio recordings tell the tale of an obviously bemused controller responding to pilots. He directs other pilots on where to look. He asks if any of their air safety proximity sensors were registering it.
The military was also in the loop: references to elements of the US air defense command NORAD can be heard — “WADS” and “Bigfoot”.
Fighters are ordered into the air from the McChord Air Force Base in Washington.
What was the aircraft? Where was it going? What was it doing?
All they had to go on was that it appeared to be big. It was colored white. It was flying at about 37,000 feet.
It was now moving about the same speed as commercial airliners. It was not on radar, and was emitting no signals.
It never strayed closer than the edge of visual range.
The radar and audio recordings reveal the F-15 interceptor fighters took to the air out of Portland. Dubbed “Rock” flight, these fighter aircraft are just some of those kept at a high alert status around the United States for incidents such as these after 9/11.
Strangely, they head south even as reports from commercial airliners indicate the strange craft was to the north.
One pilot calls air traffic control for an update: what’s going on?
The controller responds the UFO must be in “stealth mode or something”.
But by now it has slipped out of sight.
Losing touch with such an unregistered aircraft is no small thing.
Would it suddenly appear diving into the heart of a nearby city?
The scars of September 11 run deep.
So the urgent phone calls started.
Here the War Zone notes some unusual aspects of the Federal Aviation Authority recordings released under freedom of information requests.
“There were a few strange areas where conversations went mute and it’s not clear if this was edited or just an anomaly,” the blog reports.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, the redacted components appear to be responses to requests for information about the military’s activities.
“When the Manager In Charge is asked if he was asking for military assistance by another FAA controller, the tape goes blank,” War Zone reports. “The same inquiry is heard moments later, and it goes silent again before another call begins.”
And again later, another “blank” occurs as pilots are asked about what they saw.
During a call with United 612 there are some odd “dead” moments in the audio, but the pilot is heard describing the encounter, stating that he was too far away to make out the type.
The pilot of Southwest 4712 was a little more forthcoming.
“This was a white airplane and it was big. And it was moving at a clip too, because we were keeping pace with it, it was probably moving faster than we were.”
The recordings continue long after the strange craft slips out of sight.
Seattle’s air traffic control manager in charge of operations urgently interrogates controllers and three of the airline pilots that reported visual contact — as well as air traffic security and an safety officers.
Everyone had to submit written reports.
Had they responded correctly?
Should the commercial airliners have been ordered to keep the strange aircraft in sight?
Was the unknown flying object a threat, and should the airliners have been ordered to scatter?
Whatever the outcome, one air traffic controller hit the situation on the head with one off-the-cuff comment:
“I have a feeling someone is going to go through this with a fine-tooth comb.”
It’s tempting to immediately make the mental leap to aliens, but extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
Occam’s razor makes the fair point that when seeking an explanation for something unusual, choose the one that makes the least assumptions as being the most likely.
So what could such an explanation be?
Oregon is in the country’s northwest. It’s alongside the state of Nevada. Nevada is the site of the ultra-secret U.S. Air Force testing facility, Area 51 (or more officially Groom Lake).
We know the U.S. Air Force is fast-tracking development of its next generation stealth bomber, the B-21 “Raider”. We also know that absolutely everything about this aircraft — including its cost — is top secret.
And that’s probably one of the least secret projects being worked on at Area 51.
But a test pilot first allowing to be detected on radar and then entering a highway of commercial airliners in plain sight, is unprofessional in the least.
And the U.S. is no longer the only nation with stealth technology. Russia. China. Both have caught up and — in an increasingly belligerent world — are likely to “send messages” through overflights such as this.
So when it comes to the idea of ET taking a wrong turn at Albuquerque, it beggars belief that such a super intelligence capable of traveling vast interstellar distances would let itself be seen — if it didn’t want to be.
This story originally appeared in

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UFO ‘evidence’: Recordings reveal air traffic control’s confusion at strange craft over Oregon

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot will evaporate in little more than 10 years, astronomers say

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Public Notices



Larsen receives Outstanding Volunteer Award
Mary K. Larsen of Blair received the Outstanding Volunteer o…


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Passage to India: Fort Calhoun graduate working for UN in New Delhi
Before Luke Ashton temporarily moved to India, he didn’t rea…

top story
Dana campus plans unveiled
Katie Rohman and Leeanna Ellis Mar 6, 2017 0




Buy Now
Ed Shada, founder of Angels Share, Inc. — the umbrella nonprofit of the Frank and Jane Krejci Learning and Life Community — details his plan during a public meeting March 6, 2017, at Blair City Hall.
Katie Rohman






Blair residents will see a college again on the Dana campus, but they’re also getting more than they ever dreamed possible, if all of the cards fall into place.
Ed Shada laid out a plan during a city council special meeting Monday night at Blair City Hall that encompasses a university; 150 residential units for behavioral health, post-foster care youth and senior citizens; a filmmaking studio and offices; a church’s first physical location in its existence; and possibly more.

About Ed Shada
Council Bluffs, Iowa resident
1979 Creighton alumnus
Vice president, Great Western Bank
Founder and CEO, Project Homeless Connect Omaha
Head of Angels Share, Inc., a new nonprofit that will serve as the umbrella of the campus

“We’re going to have a faith-based community that is basically structured around people who are willing to better themselves,” Shada said.

Buy Now
Aerial concept map of Angels Share, Inc.’s plan for the Dana College campus. Note: The use of Borup Coliseum and the Gardner-Hawks Center is incorrect on this map. Grace University will use Gardner-Hawks, while The Digg Site Productions will use Borup.
Courtesy Angels Share, Inc.
On the surface, the proposal for the Frank and Jane Krejci Learning and Life Community (KLC) could seem grandiose, especially with the $46 million price tag — and that’s just the initial expense.
“Then it’s another $36 million for development of the apartments,” Shada added.
The first introduction of the proposal for many residents and viewers watching it streamed live, however, was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback.
A Council Bluffs, Iowa, resident and vice president at Great Western Bank, Shada has extensive experience and ties to the behavioral health community and philanthropic causes in the Omaha area. He is the founder and CEO of Project Homeless Connect Omaha, a one-day event that feeds and clothes homeless people and provides medical and dental care and legal and employment services.
Shada is now also the mastermind behind Angels Share, Inc. — a nonprofit organization whose mission is to “develop a self-sustaining intergenerational community supporting vulnerable individuals to are committed to helping themselves achieve the highest levels of fulfillment, productivity and opportunities for growth while cultivating human relationships and the responsibility and dignity of the individual.”

Buy Now
Elkhorn Hall, built in 1926 at Dana College is not planned for demolition.
Katie Rohman
Essentially, Angels Share will be the umbrella for the Dana campus. The current owner of the property, Elkhorn resident and development Frank Krejci, bought the vacant campus in 2013 after Dana closed in 2010. Krejci is donating the property to Angels Share, hence the new name.
“I just think this guy is so generous,” said Shada, who’s been working on the project for about nine months.
The main tenant will be Grace University, a private, Christian college in Omaha with about 392 students enrolled this semester. Grace has sold off three of its four parcels; the last one is now on the market, CEO Bill Bauhard told the Pilot-Tribune.
Grace plans to completely relocate to the Dana campus in May 2018, and to reopen it in August 2018 with approximately 300 students. The college’s goal is to grow enrollment to 400 or 500. Grace would occupy about eight of the existing buildings at Dana.
Angels Share’s first priority to tackle will be Grace because of its urgent need to relocate. Omaha Public Schools, which purchased its three parcels, gave Grace use of its buildings until May 2018.

Buy Now
An emergency call box on the Dana College campus.
Katie Rohman
Aside from Grace, several other tenants will also lease from Angels Share.
Christ Lutheran Church, a congregation that formed about seven years ago in Blair, will move into the Madsen Fine Arts building. The church has been without a physical home since it was founded, and has been meeting for worship at churches’ facilities until it has reached its fundraising goal to build a new home in the Deerfield Addition.
Good Shepherd Lutheran Community, a senior living facility in Blair, has plans to build four “small houses” where the three Omaha Village dormitory buildings are now. The homes are being built for “long-term, licensed traditional, skilled nursing care,” CEO and Administrator Amie Clausen said.
Digg Site Productions, a company based in Fremont, will have offices on the campus and a movie studio. It will share part of the suite-style apartments building with Grace, as well as other facilities.
There could be other potential opportunities for smaller projects on the campus, like offices for nonprofits such as the Blair Area Community Foundation and the Dana College Foundation.
Blair Mayor Jim Realph was at the helm of the city when Dana closed. He told the Pilot-Tribune he’s confident in Ed Shada and his plans for the campus.
“I’m pretty excited about it,” he said. “I feel that we have an individual who’s maybe capable of pulling this off. Other people came to us and threw this idea on the table and said, ‘What do you think of this idea?’ Then you would ask them the next question and they were done. You could tell by his remarks that they didn’t come up with anything that he hadn’t thought about.
“I think he won a lot of hearts with his presentation tonight,” Realph said.
The mayor said he’s not skeptical Shada can raise the reported $46 million needed to revitalize the campus.
“I think he is capable of pulling this off with the money,” Realph said. “That’s the big factor there. If he can’t get the money, we’ve got nothing. We’ve got Grace University, maybe. I feel confident that he knows the right people and he’ll be able to get the money raised somehow.”
Shada said the difference between his proposal and previous failed plans for the campus are the supporters he’s brought on board.

Buy Now
Grace University of Omaha announced plans in March 2017 to take about 30 acres of the former Dana College campus, including the Durham Center and Trinity Chapel.
Katie Rohman
“I don’t think the potential developers have the plan I’ve put together,” he said. “I’ve got Kiewit on the plans.”
Krejci told the Pilot-Tribune in a previous interview that he was willing to consider donating the property to a nonprofit that had a solid plan for the property. He reiterated that sentiment Monday.
“This was the best use for the property,” he said. “That’s the best way I know how to put it. It had no other use than what’s happening. Otherwise, it was just another piece of land. I’m glad it’s happening.”
Blair resident Bob Coffey wears several hats in his involvement with the project. He is development director for the Blair Area Community Foundation, development team member for Christ Lutheran Church and president of the Dana College Foundation. Coffey also served on the Dana College Board of Regents that made the decision to close the college in 2010.
“This is whole idea of a community within a community with each of the parts working collaboratively with one another is very unique,” he said. “We hope it becomes a model for other communities that may wind up in the same situation that we did.
“Dana College is not the last college that’s going to fold,” Coffey said. “It’s just the economics and the way higher education has moved through the years. To be able to take a campus like that and turn it into this vision is just incredible.”

Buy Now
A plan has not been confirmed for use of Viking Field at the Dana College campus.
Katie Rohman

Outline of the KLC umbrella
Angels Share, Inc.’s umbrella of entities at the Frank and Jane Krejci Learning and Life Community (KLC) will be diverse, yet most are tied by faith, living and learning components.
Grace University
Bill Bauhard, who lives in rural Omaha, Washington County, came on board as Grace University’s first CEO in June after its president left. The private, nondenominational Christian college currently has nearly 400 students.
Bauhard explained that the campus would have most of the same programs in Blair, but it would like to expand some of its offerings, like science. It will keep five athletic programs: women’s volleyball, men’s and women’s soccer and men’s and women’s basketball. It has cut softball and baseball programs it started in 2013.
Bauhard’s objective as CEO is to “stabilize the school and maybe get it back on track,” he told the Pilot-Tribune in December.
Grace opened in 1943 as Grace Bible Institute. It changed its name to Grace University in 1995. The campus covers six blocks. Grace has invested more than $11 million in new construction, remodeling and renovations over the past five years. It has 185 dorm rooms in four halls.
Grace requires that each bachelor degree-level students must complete a double major in biblical studies and in a professional field of choice.
Bauhard said that faculty have been informed about the Dana deal, and students were just sent a letter. Three of Grace’s four parcels have been sold to Omaha Public Schools; the fourth is on the market.
“Our goal will be positive financial results,” Bauhard said Monday.
Grace has not determined if it needs to obtain re-accreditation through the Higher Learning Commission because it is relocating to Blair.
“We’ve got a pretty positive relationship with them,” Bauhard said.

The Digg Site Productions
A film production company that began as a grassroots effort in Fremont is ready to expand to Blair “immediately,” it’s founder and director said Monday night.
“We’ve got films coming that would like to use the location,” said Stacy Heatherly of The Digg Site Productions.
Heatherly has scouted the Dana College campus for four years.
“We’ve been looking for a place to build a studio and a sound stage,” she said.
The new development would allow The Digg Site to meet the needs and timeframe future productions require. The Digg Site, which oversees the Eastern Nebraska Film Office, would occupy the Gardner-Hawks Center, the football field and the apartment-style dormitory.
“We are working with Blair to bring film to Blair as well as Fremont,” Heatherly said.
The Digg Site also plans to expand its programs for individuals interested in a career in the film industry. The nonprofit offers camps for all ages through the Fremont Family YMCA and Metropolitan Community College.
In the fall, the company hosts the White Light City Film Festival in Fremont, which Heatherly said could expand to Blair.
“We would love to,” she said. “We are open to anything the community wants to do.”
In addition to the Dana campus, Heatherly said films could be shot on location within Blair. She said she is currently working with the City of Blair on those details.
Fremont recently was the location for the film “12 Days of Giving.” The Eastern Nebraska Film Office is securing two more films and a miniseries, all of which would start over the next two years.
“Our organization continues to gain additional work and we need to have permanent physical space to accommodate these needs,” Heatherly said in a prepared press release. “Having a film studio and sound stage for aspects of filming would allow us to better utilize our resources and continue to earn additional filming rights.”
Christ Lutheran Church
Christ Lutheran Church, which started seven years ago in Blair, has been looking for a home.
They found one on the Dana College campus.
The church, which had previously shared space with Hillside Christian Church, is expected to move into the Madsen Fine Arts Building under the proposed plan.
“It’s just so exciting for us. We have been wanting to find a place that we could call home,” Pastor Mark Degner said. “We have had very gracious reception from Hillside Christian. They’ve been wonderful, but this is a necessary step for our church to be moving forward. We need an identity and a location and a place that we can do the kind of ministry we want to do.”
Degner said the partnership with Ed Shada and Angels Share offers plenty of potential for the church’s mission.
“We want to reach out to people who are forgotten, people who are released, who are the lost or those who are needing the hand of Jesus Christ to reach out to them,” he said.
Degner also recognized the history in faith that resides on the Dana hill.
“We want to honor the legacy of Trinity Seminary and Dana College with what we do. We want to celebrate that,” Degner said. “We want to honor those who have gone before us and build on what they have provided us — a foundation of faith and a foundation of service.”
Good Shepherd Lutheran Community
Good Shepherd Lutheran Community, which provides skilled nursing and assistant living facilities in Blair, is planning four “small houses” where the Omaha Village dorms — commonly known as the “married” housing — at the bottom of the hill. The dorms would be demolished to make room for the houses, which will be licensed, traditional, long-term care facilities.
Amie Clausen, CEO and administrator, told the Pilot-Tribune that Good Shepherd inquired with Frank Krejci a while ago about opportunities on the campus.
“Good Shepherd Lutheran Community is excited to be part of the rejuvenation and revitalization of the Dana campus,” Clausen said. “The project will bring several interesting avenues to the Blair community. Good Shepherd will do its part to enhance the campus by providing a state-of-the-art living environment for our elders needing skilled nursing care.”






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Krejci: No jail on Highway 91 land

Dana owner won’t sell ag parcel due to interest in campus

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Former Dana College alumni and staff gathered in Blair for the closed school’s annual homeco…

Vandals hit Dana College again

Fire extinguishers discharged at Pioneer Memorial

City of Blair marketing Dana campus
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Point-Counterpoint: What are some ideas for Dana?
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Dana and Grace alumni weigh in on big news
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Mother hopes son’s memorial saved at Dana
The mother of a former Dana College student hopes that a memorial dedicated to her son after his untimely death can be saved when the campus —…

Angels Share in process to obtain nonprofit status
Ed Shada, the founder of Angels Share, Inc., says his group is completing paperwork so it can officially receive its nonprofit organization st…


Angels Share keeping faith in campus

Organization doesn’t have possession yet of former Dana campus; fundraising underway

City to consider LB 840 funds for filmmaking
The Blair City Council may consider whether to allow its LB 840 funds to be used for film production.


Grace University CEO sets sights on Blair
Bill Bauhard was tasked with leading the likely closure of Grace University when he was named the college’s first chief executive officer in June.


Ministerial Association hosts ‘Ascension’ at Dana
The former Dana College campus in Blair came alive one evening last week for an event filled with prayers and music.


Progress ‘behind-the-scenes’ on campus

Church considers move to other campus building


Grace University on accreditation probation

College, Angels Share not concerned about impact on move to Blair

Dana College homecoming scheduled
Homecoming for the former Dana College has been scheduled for Oct. 6 and 7.


Dana break-in unfounded
Blair police responded to a possible break-in at approximately 4 p.m. Monday at the former Dana College campus.


Gateway Development celebrates ‘prosperity’

Big-ticket projects touted; Novozymes earns award

Campus update scheduled at Dana homecoming
An update on the development of the former Dana College campus in Blair is scheduled for Saturday.

Grace University closure could expedite Dana development
News that Grace University will close at the end of the 2017-18 academic year has generated a sense of deja vu in Blair this week.

Boys Town eyes Dana campus
Grace University may be out of the picture, but a bigger player has been pursuing possibilities on the former Dana College campus in Blair.

Ed Shada Dana College Angels Share, Inc. Frank And Jane Krejci Learning And Life Community

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Missouri Valley, Logan-Magnolia each advance two wrestlers to State Semifinals
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Maharishi University of Management | Consciousness Based …


MUM is the home of Consciousness-Based education, where all students practice the Transcendental Meditation program and study traditional academic programs.
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1000 N 4th St, Fairfield, IA 52557 · (641) 472-7000
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Maharishi University of Management – Wikipedia

Maharishi University of Management (MUM), formerly Maharishi International University, is an American non-profit university located in Fairfield, Iowa. It was founded in 1973 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and features a “consciousness-based education” system that includes the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique.
History · Administration and … · Campus · Academics · Student life · Research
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Highlights from MUM Commencement …
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Maharishi University: Be More, Do More, Drug Free
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Maharishi University of Management – Home | Facebook

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Videos of maharishi university of management

Highlights from MUM Commencement Speeches, 2013-2017
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Maharishi University: Be More, Do More, Drug Free
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A Magical Team Building Experience – MUM Quests
YouTube · 11/15/2017 · 329 views
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Maharishi University of Management Press offers you the latest, most comprehensive collections of books, videos, CD’s and tapes on Maharishi’s Vedic Science.
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Library | Maharishi University | Campus Services

The library provides books, periodicals, special collection, inter-library loans and other support services for the entire campus community.
Reading the Vedic Literature in Sanskrit

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Founder of Maharishi University of Management, Maharishi Vedic Universities around the world …
Maharishi University of Management stabbing – Wikipedia…

The Maharishi University of Management stabbing occurred on March 1, 2004, when without provocation, a university student Shuvender Sem fatally stabbed a fellow …
Incident · Context · Response · Lawsuits · Further reading
Management Bachelor’s Degree – UIU: Cedar Rapids Campus
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Maharishi University of Management, formerly Maharishi International University, is an American non-profit university located in Fairfield, Iowa. It was founded in 1973 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and features a “consciousness-based education” system that includes the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique. Its founding principles include the development of the full potential of the individual, fulfilling economic aspirations while maximizing proper use of the environment and bringing spiritual fulfillment and happiness to humanity.
Wikipedia · Text under CC-BY-SA license



DirectionsOfficial site
Address: 1000 North Fourth Street, Fairfield, IA 52557
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Phone: +1 (641) 472-1110
Founded: 1971
Founder: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
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Trump denies accusations of forcibly kissing woman in 2006

The Hill
John Bowden
12 hrs ago

Top court rejects challenge to Calif. gun waiting period

© Provided by The Hill
President Trump on Tuesday issued a denial of claims printed in the Washington Post by a woman who says he forcibly kissed her in the lobby of an office building in New York City a decade ago.

In a tweet, the president rejected accusations from Rachel Crooks, a then-22-year-old secretary in a neighboring office building who says Trump grabbed her and began forcibly kissing her upon meeting him in 2006.
“A woman I don’t know and, to the best of my knowledge, never met, is on the FRONT PAGE of the Fake News Washington Post saying I kissed her (for two minutes yet) in the lobby of Trump Tower 12 years ago,” the president wrote on Twitter.
“Never happened! Who would do this in a public space with live security……” he added.
A woman I don’t know and, to the best of my knowledge, never met, is on the FRONT PAGE of the Fake News Washington Post saying I kissed her (for two minutes yet) in the lobby of Trump Tower 12 years ago. Never happened! Who would do this in a public space with live security……
– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 20, 2018
The tweet comes following the Post’s publication of the claims Tuesday morning in a feature of Crooks, now 35, who is running for state office in Ohio in part to tell her story about what she says happened just over ten years ago when she met the future president.
“He took hold of my hand and held me in place like this,” she said, squeezing the sides of the water glass, shaking it gently from side to side. “He started kissing me on one cheek, then the other cheek. He was talking to me in between kisses, asking where I was from, or if I wanted to be a model. He wouldn’t let go of my hand, and then he went right in and started kissing me on the lips,” Crooks told the newspaper.
Crooks was one of 19 women who came forward with accusations of sexual assault and other misconduct from then-candidate Trump during the 2016 election, claims that were denied by Trump and his aides during the campaign.
“Totally made up nonsense to steal the election. Nobody has more respect for women than me!” Trump tweeted in 2016 after the claims surfaced initially.
Despite Trump’s denials, Crooks says she will continue sharing her story to speak out against the “character” of the president, dismissing the idea of a lawsuit.
“I know there are many worse forms of sexual harassment, but doesn’t this still speak to character?” she told the newspaper. “I don’t want money. I don’t need a lawsuit. I just want people to listen. How many women have to come forward? What will it take to get a response?”

What Trump’s tough new Medicaid rules mean

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Colbert: Students taking action on gun violence…
The Hill

Shulkin says he has White House approval…
The Hill

Kushner resisting giving up top access amid…
The Hill

The Hill
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A Columbine survivor turned lawmaker is pushing the opposite of what many people think is the solution to end school shootings

Eliza Relman
11h 10,721





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A law-enforcement officer in Parkland, Florida, where a school shooting last week left 17 people dead. Wilfredo Lee/AP

Patrick Neville, a Colorado state legislator who survived the 1999 shooting at Columbine High School, has reintroduced a bill that would make it legal to carry concealed weapons in schools.
Neville, a Republican, has introduced the bill every year since he took public office in 2014.
But the legislation stands in stark contrast to what many survivors of last week’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida, are advocating.

Every year since 2014, when he joined the Colorado Legislature, Republican Rep. Patrick Neville, who was a sophomore at Columbine High School at the time of the 1999 mass shooting, has introduced legislation to eliminate restrictions on guns in schools in the state.
Neville, the Colorado House minority leader, has again reintroduced his bill after 17 people were killed in a shooting last week at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.
“Time and time again we point to the one common theme with mass shootings, they occur in gun-free zones,” Neville told the Washington Times.
Under Colorado state law, gun owners are permitted to bring their guns onto school property but must keep them locked in their cars. Neville’s bill would make it legal to carry concealed weapons inside schools.
But many students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have become vocal advocates of the opposite approach, launching the Never Again movement to call for stricter gun regulations and background checks and organizing walkouts, “die-ins,” and a protest next month in Washington, DC, called March for Our Lives.
“They say tougher gun laws do not decrease gun violence — we call BS,” Emma Gonzalez, a senior at the school, said during a speech at a rally over the weekend in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “They say a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun — we call BS.”
Anne Marie Hochhalter, 36, who was a junior at Columbine when she was shot in the back and paralyzed, told Business Insider she believes more gun regulations are needed but has little hope that lawmakers will make any meaningful change.
“I try not to get too political, but I’m very passionate about gun control,” Hochhalter said. “I have lost all faith in our government and senators and congresspeople about making any lasting change because it has not happened, and I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon.”
Florida already has some of the most permissive gun laws in the US. Almost 2 million residents have permits to carry concealed weapons, many more than in any other state.
The Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence in 2016 gave Florida — and 24 other states — an F grade for its gun laws.
Florida has been the site of several of the country’s deadliest shootings over the past few years, including one at an Orlando nightclub in 2016 and one at the Fort Lauderdale airport last year.
Other Republican lawmakers, including Gov. John Kasich of Ohio and US Rep. Carlos Curbelo of Florida, are calling for “common sense” gun laws in the wake of the Parkland shooting.
“If you’re a strong Second Amendment person, you need to slow down and take a look at reasonable things that can be done,” Kasich told CNN on Sunday.
SEE ALSO: 19 years later, Columbine High School massacre survivors say they still struggle and have debilitating anxiety
NOW WATCH: Microsoft President Brad Smith says the US shouldn’t get ‘too isolationist’

More: Gun Control gun regulations Concealed Carry Ohio





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News Viral Phenomena
Snopes’ Field Guide to Fake News Sites and Hoax Purveyors’s updated guide to the internet’s clickbaiting, news-faking, social media exploiting dark side.
By Kim LaCapria
8 December 2017


The sharp increase in popularity of social media networks (primarily Facebook) has created a predatory secondary market among online publishers seeking to profitably exploit the large reach of those networks and their huge customer bases by spreading fake news and outlandish rumors. Competition for social media’s large supply of willing eyeballs is fierce, and a number of frequent offenders regularly fabricate salacious and attention-grabbing tales simply to drive traffic (and revenue) to their sites.
Facebook has worked at limiting the reach of hoax-purveying sites in their customers’ news feeds, inhibiting (but not eradicating) the spread of fake news stories. Hoaxes and fake news are often little more than annoyances to unsuspecting readers; but sometimes circulating stories negatively affect businesses or localities by spreading false, disruptive claims that are widely believed.
So long as social media allows for the rapid spread of information, manipulative entities will seek to cash in on the rapid spread of misinformation. Perhaps the most egregious of the many nonsense peddlers on social media are fake news sites, so here we offer a guide to several of the most frequent (and unapologetic) hoax purveyors cluttering up newsfeeds everywhere.
National Report
No list of shameless misinformation would be complete without a mention of National Report (and its omnipresent former lead writer, Paul Horner), as the site is (or was) perhaps the most prominent example of its genre.
Among National Report‘s most widespread hoaxes were claims that notorious street artist Banksy was arrested and unmasked (as Paul Horner, naturally), that a teen was imprisoned over a “swatting prank,” and that a U.S. company was hiring mercenaries to kill ISIS militants. While most of the site’s efforts have been relatively benign, their fake story about an Ebola outbreak’s prompting a quarantine in Purdon, Texas, caused headaches for local officials at the height of coverage and anxiety about the virus.

National Report (and its “satirical” brethren) have sustained huge losses of traffic in the wake of Facebook’s algorithm changes intended to limit the reach of fake news. In response, sites have been established that spoof the domain names of legitimate news outlets such as the Washington Post and USA Today which mirror the National Report‘s content in order to more efficiently dupe readers and work around Facebook’s restrictions.
(The ubiquitous Paul Horner has since moved on to the equally fake News Examiner site, continuing to offer fictitious stories about subjects such as the world’s first successful head transplant.)
World News Daily Report
Straddling the line of fake news and the occasional seed of truth is World News Daily Report. By cobbling together misattributed stolen photographs (and often using extant, long-circulating rumors), World News Daily Report has published several viral claims often preying upon readers’ religious beliefs, including hoaxes about a newly-discovered eyewitness account of Jesus’ miracles, an ancient rumor about chariot wheels found at the bottom of the Red Sea, and a very old yarn about the discovery of giant skeletons reworked as the tale of a coverup perpetrated by the Smithsonian Institution. However, World News Daily Report frequently branches out to science-based fakery, including japes about the destruction of the world’s oldest tree and another about the discovery of a Megalodon shark in Pakistan.

Political conspiracy is another favored topic of World News Daily Report, evidenced by articles claiming that a CIA agent confessed to killing Marilyn Monroe and that Yoko Ono disclosed she once had an intimate partnering with Hillary Clinton.
While National Report and World News Daily Report often take advantage of politically, socially, or religiously divisive issues to drive outrage-based traffic, Huzlers employs a markedly different approach to fake news hoaxes, often invoking the names of popular brands and restaurants in its quest to snare readers with gross-out stories.
Among Huzlers’ most prominent yarns: Chipotle was caught using cat and dog meat in their dishes, Starbucks was discovered to be using semen in their beverages, Arizona iced tea tested positive for urine, and McDonald’s was outed for including human meat in their products.

Like its fellows, Huzlers tailors its scope to leverage topical news trends. A popular claim made by the site (at the apex of an Ebola outbreak) involved zombies, and another alleged that a man had traded his toddler to buy an Apple Watch.
Empire News
Empire News (spun off from what was initially a sports-related fake news site) is another outlet responsible for the propagation of fabricated claims that spread on sites like Facebook. Some of their stories are apolitical and simply compelling to readers, such as a claim the Netflix entertainment streaming service would be shuttering due to the negative impact of piracy, or one that Las Vegas planned to legalize dog fighting to boost casino revenues.
Other Empire News hoaxes were somewhat news-based, such as one predicting massive national snowfalls for the winter of 2014-2015. Some articles targeted political or social controversies, such as one claiming a protestor in in Ferguson, Missouri, had accidentally burned down his own house. Separate rumors included one holding that Facebook was spying on gun owners for Homeland Security and one claiming that food stamp recipients would be awarded free cars (or that the food stamp program would be discontinued entirely).

When Empire News created a rumor about a WalMart shoplifter reportedly caught with $100 worth of groceries stashed in her vagina, the claim was spread not only by social media users but also by other sites of dubious credibility (such as Huzlers and Daily Viral Stuff).
Fake news sites often play to users’ existing beliefs to spread their claims, but Stuppid (a site that truly lives up to its name) is less focused in its contribution to the avalanche of fakery on the Internet. Efforts by Stuppid largely encompass morally offensive fabrications, such as a claim parents admitted to having sex in front of their kids to teach them about procreation, another about a Florida man marrying a baby, and a salacious tale of an incestuous mother-daughter relationship.

Stuppid frequently swipes publicly-available photographs such as mugshots and deliberately misattributes them, as they did in a story about two Floridians allegedly arrested for selling golden tickets to Heaven. Another such story involved a death row inmate’s purported request for a last meal of kittens illustrated with a photograph of deceased serial killer Dorothea Puente.
News Examiner

Paul Horner, the prolifically puerile online troll and ubiquitous fake news character (he inserts his name into all his articles) whose work previously appeared on the National Report fake news site, has since started the News Examiner. The News Examiner skirts Facebook’s crackdown on fake news sites by mixing real news and listicle items in with its fake news reports, but the site neither identifies its fake news items as “satire” nor carries a disclaimer to that effect.
Fake stories from the News Examiner that have circulated widely enough as real news to prompt numerous inquiries from our readers include articles about the world’s first successful head transplant and President Obama’s limiting churches to offering twice-monthly services.
Newswatch28 (now Newswatch33)

Newswatch28 is a relative newcomer to the fake news world, bursting onto the scene in late April 2015 with a site that simulates a TV news web site and likewise skirts Facebook’s crackdown on fake news by mixing real news articles in with its completely made-up stories.
The site’s “Quest” page unhelpfully informs readers that Newswatch28 presents “Shocking news and stories, celebrity news and gossip. Whether currently occurring, interesting, controversial, abnormal, thought provoking or satirical, we only wish to inform and entertain with the content we publish.”
Fake stories from the Newswatch28 that have circulated widely enough as real news to prompt numerous inquiries from our readers include articles about a 76-year-old woman expelled from a KFC for breastfeeding her 42-year-old son, the FDA’s approving the sale of tranquilizer guns for use on children, and an Al Pacino death hoax.
In later incarnations, the hoax-purveyor became Newswatch33; among its newer pieces were items claiming that suspected Charleston shooter Dylann Roof raised $4 million in donations, that a study was paying subjects an exorbitant sum of money to smoke pot, that a man killed himself over black actors in Star Wars, and an iteration of the popular fake news claim that NASA confirmed a 15-day period of total darkness.
Naha Daily
The Naha Daily appears to be defunct, but during that site’s brief lifespan from September 2014 to January 2015 it published several fake news pieces that continue to pop up regularly on social media and web sites — most notably an article claiming that fashion CEO Michael Kors said he is tired of “pretending to like blacks.”

That item gained enough traction to prompt calls that Michael Kors be boycotted over his fictitious racist remarks:
#BOYCOTTMK Michael Kors CEO stated “I’m tired of pretending I like blacks” MK said “he doesn’t want his purses filled with synthetic hair”
— Cheryl Nidoy (@TLV_Cher) January 7, 2015
Naha Daily also made the pages of with fake news pieces about Jaden Smith‘s plans to have his penis removed on his 18th birthday, Michael Jordan‘s indifference to kids dying over his sneakers, and Oprah Winfrey‘s accusing Bill Cosby of raping her.
The Stately Harold

The Stately Harold shouldn’t be fooling anyone, given the deliberate misspelling in its name, a front page filled with articles by “feminist Cassidy Boon” about such hard-hitting topics as “Redefining beauty: Why cankles are hot!” and an introduction from the Chief Editor that states “Hi! My nme is Clive Pebble. I have Dyslexia but my drem evre sens I was a litl boy has ben to strat a newspapr. Nwo I have!!”
Nonetheless, now that social media users often never visit a site’s main page, the Stately Harold has since its November 2014 start managed to fool readers with fake news articles about Hillary Clinton’s wanting to ban beards, President Obama’s referring to Baltimore rioters as “black heroes,” a 9-year-old boy’s being suspended from school for saying that he “didn’t like Obama,” and President Obama’s pardoning Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.
The Stately Harold unhelpfully identifies itself as a “satire” site in a manner that is deliberately difficult for readers to find, requiring them to highlight the solid black background of a page footer to disclose the site’s “satire” tag:


NewsBuzzDaily is pretty low-rent for a fake news site: it doesn’t display a logo or masthead on its pages, and it mainly traffics in lame, made-up, exclamation point-driven celebrity gossip items (e.g., “Lebron James Admits To Hair Transplant!!” and “Woman’s Lips Explode After Doing Kylie Jenner Challenge!!”) along with that lowest form of fake news, celebrity death hoaxes.
Nonetheless, the site has scored a few social media hits with puerile articles about Wendy’s restaurants using rat and horse meat to make their chili, and the Fox Network’s cancelling the popular TV series Empire after only a single season.
NewsBuzzDaily at least scores some points for carrying a (somewhat less than clear) disclaimer on all their pages advising readers that the site is “a combination of real shocking news and satire news” and that “articles written on this site are for entertainment and satirical purposes only.”
Now8News burst onto the fake news scene in mid-2015, racking up an impressive number of successful social media hoaxes despite the barely plausible premise upon which most were based: a man was arrested for having sex with a pig at Walmart, an obese woman was arrested for starving her kids so she could eat their food, a woman was arrested for “trying on” tampons in an aisle at Walmart, a separate woman was arrested for using a sausage to sexually gratify herself (also at Walmart), a man was found cannibalizing a teen in a Texas haunted house attraction, KFC was busted breeding mutant chickens, and McDonald’s closed 17,000 locations because the minimum wage was raised.

The site was also responsible for rumors that an old lady was arrested making cat fur coats, a man fed his cheating fiancee’s remains to her parents, President Obama lowered the age of consent to 13, a lottery winner died after gold-plating his testicles, a couple was busted running a meth lab in the “attic” of a Walmart, hair elastics presented a grave health threat because they were manufactured from used condoms, a sitter discovered a “clown doll” was actually a tiny rapist, a tube of cookie dough “exploded” inside a female shoplifter’s body cavity, and finally, that a woman caused a riot after experiencing gastric distress during a round of “vodka butt shots.”
The Reporterz
Man Kills His Date After She, Inspired By Twitter #WasteHisTime2016 Trend, Wasted His Time:
— The Reporterz (@TheReporterz) January 8, 2016

A fairly new entrant to the fake news round-up in early 2016, The Reporterz started a popular hoax claim that a man killed a woman over her behavior following the #WasteHisTime Twitter trend. In addition, the site started a rumor that the state of Delaware was introducing a “child support card” that limited what mothers can and cannot buy with their stipends.
Empire Herald

Another 2016 contender on the fake news scene was Empire Herald, which among other wild fabrications reported that a meth-addled couple ate a homeless man in Central Park. Created on 24 January 2016, the site managed to spread several (often recycled) fake news claims in the span of a few short weeks.
Satira Tribune

The name Satira Tribune clued many readers in to this web site’s intent, and its tagline (“satirical news for satirical folks”) certainly drove the point home to those who scrolled down to the bottom of the page. But that didn’t stop the site’s claims (that MMA fighter Ronda Rousey fought off several muggers, that Jimmy Carter said medical marijuana cured his cancer, that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) fined Bill Maher for smoking a joint on Real Time, or that Donald Trump paid Sarah Palin $10 million for endorsing him) from spreading on social media.
NC Scooper (Nevada County Scooper)

NC Scooper (or Nevada County Scooper) was one of the few ostensibly humor-based fake news sites whose items floated around social media. Most articles published by NC Scooper were clearly satirical in nature and not intended to deceive readers by spreading false information; nevertheless, a few efforts genuinely confused social media users. Among NC Scooper‘s crossover bits were pieces claiming official “gun confiscation units” were taking people’s weapons, that Merle Haggard left his estate to an LBGT group, that Meg White of the White Stripes was joining Rush, and that Sen. Bernie Sanders called for “chemtrail reform.”
Associated Media Coverage

Associated Media Coverage was yet another fresh face on the fake news scene in early 2016. After its February 2016 creation, Associated Media Coverage swiftly leapt into the hoaxmongering business with bits about a motorcycle curfew, an e-juice ban, a two-pet maximum ordinance, and a fabricated claim that a transgender woman was shot in a Colorado department store bathroom.
Associated Media Coverage also has apparently spawned sites that appear to be legitimate local news bearing shocking (but fake) stories: Boston Tribune, Boston Leader, Baltimore Gazette, and Seattle Tribune are four that we have been able to identity so far.

React365 isn’t a fake news site per se, but rather a generator for user-created hoax articles. Although the site’s stated purpose involved “prank[ing] your friends,” articles about mandatory babysitting by grandparents and great white sharks in the Mississippi River escaped into the social media wild.
The Burrard Street Journal

Like Nevada County Scooper, the Burrard Street Journal appeared to be largely comedic in nature and not an intentional purveyor of hoaxes. Although most social media users seemed to recognize the site’s purpose, Burrard Street Journal items were occasionally mistaken for real news. Those included claims Donald Trump opined America ought not to have “given Canada its independence,” President Trump declared Canadian women the States’ largest threat after ISIS, and President Obama asserted he refused to leave office were Donald Trump elected.
The Last Line of Defense (The Resistance)

Although The Last Line of Defense (The Resistance) carries a disclaimer, it is frequently mistaken for legitimate news about a bevy of topical controversies. Items published by this site which have duped social media users included claims the Obama girls were arrested in Hawaii, that George Soros was arrested for “hate crimes against America,” and President Trump “billed” former First Lady Michelle Obama for several billion dollars.
As American As Apple Pie and Freedum Junkshun

Like The Last Line of Defense (The Resistance), As American As Apple Pie and Freedum Junkshun carry clear disclaimers warning readers they are fake news sites:
When no one can trust the lying fake news liberal media anymore because they hate us and guns and Harley Davidson and meat and OUR president, As American as Apple Pie is here to be your beacon of something you can kinda rely on sometimes, but not really. God Bless America and Amen.

We believe that there is nothing more precious than the mind of an aging conservative. Here we gather a boatload of bullhonkey, works of pure satirical fiction, to give the fist-shakers of the world a reason to hate. Reality is often in the eye of the beholder. You won’t find any of it here.
Join the fun in the comments on our Facebook page where you too can watch David Hasselhoff running over someone’s poodle magically transformed into a crime against humanity by Barack Obama or yet another murder the Clintons got away with.
Nevertheless, their material is regularly shared as “real news.” Items from As American As Apple Pie mistaken for legitimate news included claims Alec Baldwin was arrested for threatening President Trump and a Muslim mayor “outlawed Christmas” within city limits. And like Last Line of Defense, As American As Apple Pie and Freedum Junkshun leverage topical controversies to accumulate social media shares using “outrage bait,” as did the latter with a phony story about a flight crew “taking a knee” rather than transporting New Orleans Saints players who engaged in the referenced protest. A 27 October 2017 post to Last Line of Defense‘s Facebook page confirmed Freedum Junkshun is another of its operations. and

Like React365, and are not fake news sites. Another series of prank generators, they enable anyone to create any headline and description complete with fabricated shares:

Action News 3 (

Like Now8News, Action News 3 ( advances topical fake news items under the guise of a small local news affiliate. Specializing in death hoaxes (phony news items about Morgan Freeman, Bob Barker, and George Zimmerman went viral), the site also leverages social media fads like “creepy clowns” to spread its falsehoods.
Much like, this site generates traffic by passing itself off as the actual website for ABC News. As we noted in December 2017, the site’s front page, featuring a story about former Today Show host Matt Lauer, was designed to mimic that of ABC News:

Beyond imitating ABC’s page design, we found that also copied their actual reporting.
While the myriad sites referenced here represent only a small sample of the overall “satire” nuisance on social media, many widely-dispersed fake news claims have originated with them. All of the sites mentioned above exist solely to spread false information, and none can be trusted as legitimate sources, no matter how compelling their claims might be.

Got a tip or a rumor? Contact us here.
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Kim LaCapria
14 January 2016
8 December 2017

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Average Rating: 6.8/10
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Critics Consensus: There isn’t much to Sneakers plot and that’s more than made up for with the film’s breezy panache and hi-tech lingo.

liked it
Average Rating: 3.4/5
User Ratings: 39,241

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Movie Info
A group of maverick computer and espionage experts become involved in a government scheme to steal a piece of advanced code-breaking technology in this lighthearted spy drama. When the device’s creator turns up murdered, they become the chief suspects and must discover the truth to clear their name.


Action & Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Mystery & Suspense

Directed By:
Phil Alden Robinson

Written By:
Lawrence Lasker, Walter F. Parkes, Phil Alden Robinson

In Theaters:
Sep 9, 1992 wide

On Disc/Streaming:
Mar 31, 1998

126 minutes

Universal Pictures
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Robert Redford
as Martin Bishop

Sidney Poitier
as Donald Crease

River Phoenix
as Carl Arbogast

Dan Aykroyd
as Mother

Ben Kingsley
as Cosmo

David Strathairn
as Whistler
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Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances
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Critic Reviews for Sneakers
All Critics (48) | Top Critics (9) | Fresh (39) | Rotten (9) | DVD (5)

Makes up for its gaps in logic with its breezy tone and its technological razzledazzle.
March 31, 2008 | Full Review…

David Ansen
Top Critic

Right up to an ending designed to crack the sternest critical poker face, this is gourmet popcorn of the highest order.
June 24, 2006 | Full Review…

Derek Adams
Time Out
Top Critic

The performances are generally quite bad.
May 20, 2003 | Full Review…

Vincent Canby
New York Times
Top Critic

Discounting his god-awful American accent, Kingsley is in fine venomous form.
May 12, 2001

Peter Travers
Rolling Stone
Top Critic

It’s a sometimes entertaining movie, but thin.
January 1, 2000 | Rating: 2.5/4 | Full Review…

Roger Ebert
Chicago Sun-Times
Top Critic

It’s a Twinkie for techies, an enormously entertaining time-waster.
January 1, 2000 | Full Review…

Rita Kempley
Washington Post
Top Critic

It’s a surprise to discover a cerebral, 25-year-old film following the blueprint for today’s endless glut of superhero movies.
August 31, 2017 | Full Review…

Odie Henderson
Slant Magazine

A smart, smooth technological thriller.
January 1, 2011 | Rating: 4/5 | Full Review…

Common Sense Media Editors
Common Sense Media

Geriatric hi-tech action-packed spoof caper film that starts out semi-believable and ends on an unbelievable low point.
August 3, 2009 | Rating: C+ | Full Review…

Dennis Schwartz
Ozus’ World Movie Reviews

It’s all passably entertaining, but there’s precious little that will stay with you…
July 23, 2008 | Rating: 2.5/4 | Full Review…

TV Guide

Pretty neat.
May 5, 2006 | Rating: 8/10 | Full Review…

JoBlo’s Movie Emporium

Fun caper flick with great Redford and Poitier rapport.
June 25, 2005 | Rating: 4/5

Steve Crum
View All Critic Reviews (48)
Audience Reviews for Sneakers
It is extraordinarily corny, and the screenwriting is quite mediocre, yet the film does engage with an interesting, complex plot and thrilling sequences.

Matthew Samuel Mirliani
Super Reviewer

Behind the unlikely story of the possibilities of a codebreaking device that works sorta like a universal remote is simply a charisma piece that exists so we can pal around with the stars for a moment. A nice evening with friends.

Kevin M. Williams
Super Reviewer

A team of hackers must steal a mysterious black box. At the time, before the Internet became as ubiquitous as it is, this must have seemed cutting edge and revolutionary. Today, it doesn’t play as well and must rely on the strength of its cast, which, on first glance, promises to be quite good. But midway through the film, I got the feeling that these were just actors having fun being actors. What results is a fairly basic thriller/comedy, and while it’s entertaining, in the words of one critic, “There’s precious little that will stay with you.” Overall, Sneakers is a decent way to waste two hours, but don’t go looking for anything more than light-hearted entertainment.

Jim Hunter
Super Reviewer
A great cast, but not a good enough story to back it up. It’s not exactly a comedy or a drama, but something stuck between. However, the biggest problem lies in the poor execution of the plot and highly unimaginative film making. It’s extremely mediocre.

Conner Rainwater
Super Reviewer
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Martin Bishop:
Too many secrets
Martin Bishop:
Too many secrets.

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Iceland’s Proposed Ban On Male Circumcision Alarms Religious Leaders

Dominique Mosbergen
15 hrs ago

Donald Trump Jr. will dine with Trump apartment buyers in India

© Anton Podgaiko via Getty Images A Jewish religious male circumcision ceremony performed by the Stavropol regional Jewish community at the Pyatigorsk synagogue in Russia.
Iceland is considering legislation that would make it the first European country to outlaw male circumcision in children.
The bill proposes up to six years imprisonment for anyone who performs a circumcision on a child that is not for medical reasons, The Guardian reported on Sunday. European religious leaders say the restriction would impinge upon religious freedoms.
Male circumcision is commonly practiced by Jews and Muslims. In some countries, including the U.S., male circumcision is popular across religions and ethnicities, for health and cultural reasons. The World Health Organization estimated in 2009 that about one in three men globally is circumcised.

Male circumcision is “a non-negotiable element of Jewish identity,” a spokesman for Milah UK, a Jewish campaign group, told The Guardian, adding that Iceland’s proposed ban is “extremely concerning.”
Cardinal Reinhard Marx, president of the Catholic Church in the European Union, called the proposal a “dangerous attack” on religious freedom.
“Protecting the health of children is a legitimate goal of every society, but in this case this concern is instrumentalized, without any scientific basis, to stigmatize certain religious communities,” Marx said last week, according to the Catholic News Agency. “This is extremely worrying.”

© MANAN VATSYAYANA via Getty Images A four-year-old Muslim boy is comforted by his father before being circumcised during a ceremony at a mosque in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
The bill reportedly has strong public support. Advocates say circumcision violates the rights and bodily integrity of children. Silja Dögg Gunnarsdóttir, a member of parliament from the center-right Progressive Party, said she proposed the bill after realizing there were no restrictions on male circumcision in Iceland, even though female circumcision was outlawed in 2005.
“I see it as a child protection matter,” Gunnarsdóttir told Euronews. “In Iceland we acknowledge the right to believe but we also acknowledge the right and freedom of everyone to choose and have their opinions.”
She added: “I stand by that and I say people should be allowed to have their beliefs for themselves but you have to draw the line when it’s about other people. Children should also have their own rights for their own beliefs when they are adults.”
The bill says people who want to be circumcised for religious or cultural reasons can do so once they are old enough to “understand what is involved in such an action.” The age of consent for the procedure isn’t explicitly stated.
Male circumcision has long been a controversial issue in Europe. In 2012, Germany ― following months of fierce debate ― ruled that only doctors or trained experts could perform the procedure. In 2016, doctors in Denmark deemed non-medical male circumcisions to be “ethically unacceptable” when performed on children under the age of 18.
The potential health benefits of the practice have also been hotly debated.
Following a comprehensive review of scientific literature, the American Academy of Pediatrics concluded in 2012 that there were “health benefits of newborn male circumcision,” such as lower risks of acquiring HIV, genital herpes, and penile cancer, and that these benefits “outweigh the risks.”
The benefits, however, were not found to be “great enough to recommend universal newborn circumcision,” the group said, adding that the “final decision should still be left to parents to make in the context of their religious, ethical and cultural beliefs.”
This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

Russian Bots Moved Quickly to Exploit the Florida Shooting

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